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Evidence of Revision - Part 1

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Evidence of Revision - Part 1

This is a five-part video documentary series whose purpose is to present the suppressed historical audio, video and film recordings largely unseen by the public relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the little known classified "Black Ops" actually used to intentionally create the massive war in Vietnam, the CIA "mind control" programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important truths of our post-modern time.

Producer Anonymous
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Reviewer: sweejak - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 9, 2016
Subject: Apparently there is a Part 6.
Reviewer: schwartzegeist - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 22, 2015
Subject: astonishing detail
i'm not sure if one enjoys such an exposure. it is certainly a breath taker. this is the story of my life as i was in middle school when Kennedy was murdered. it was a very dark day for everyone. i was a radical by the time Robert was killed and we, my companions and i, knew it was a conspiracy then and there, in Detroit.
however, i am puzzled that the sixth video is not included here. it seems incomplete without the story of MLK's assassination. it is really laying the bones bare and i had to resort to youtube to see it.
Reviewer: bluestramp - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 18, 2012
when I changed video format I lost footage at Oswald being hustled down halls of police department. When I clicked back to regular video format I lost everything past open volume 1, how do I get back to streaming full video? I lost the connection the full video. Help me get this straight, thank you, bluestramp
Reviewer: Poet1 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 16, 2009
Subject: So Much To Consider
Having viewed the entire series my suggestion to any newcomer to this body of documentatry evidence is to just put the thing on and let it run in the background like it was a football game. Either that or watch it in 30 minute segments and pause it for a while and then go away for a while and come back to view some more.

The sheer volume of content that so thoroughly contradicts the "official version" of what happened before, during, and in the immediate aftermath the JFK's assassination is overwhelming

The two things that stand out most to me are how much more thorough and probing were the questions of the local press reporters to law enforcemnent authorities than the "pretty boys" of network and local TV and how evasive and/or contradictory were the answers of the various law enforcement authorities.

Will Fritz (head of the homocide division) is a detatched and tired old man who at times seems senile. Police chief Jesse Curry doesn't know anything about what happened but claims that they have "cinched the case" against Oswald. Chief prosecutor Henry Wade is a double-talking fool incapable of keeping track of his own lies and mistatements.

Was Dallas law enforcement really that inept and corrupt or had all of these otherwise competenht men been given the word that if they mispoke they might be the next ones dead? We shall never know for sure but the plain unedited documentary evidence is damning to say the least.

Finally Jack Ruby's counsel's statement that his client can't remember anything before being booked for the crime of killing Oswald (1:39:50)is errily reminiscent of Sirhan Sirhan's inability to remember actually shooting at Robert Kennedy thougth he was hypnotized in attempts to help him recover this memory.

Even someone who knew nothing of the killing of JFK except the official Warren Report fantasy tale can see through such creative fiction after watching this documentary and for that we owe its producers thanks.

Given the thorougness of the control exerted by the perpetrators of this crime, the anonymiity of the producers of this documentary, and its continued availability for viewing, it is also worth wondering if this production's existence is both a boast and a warning by the perps of this crime to any future politicians or other leaders about who is really in charge and what they are capable of doing.
Reviewer: recycler1 - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 9, 2009
Subject: question:
Is it just me or does anyone else see this:
Just before Oswald is shot by Ruby, the cop walking in front of him pushes the onlooker with his right are and waves Ruby in with his left hand in ever so slight a motion, at about the same time the car approaches. To me it appears he ''clears the way'' for Ruby to make his shot. I watched this several times to 'get it'.

The approximate time I saw this was: 01:10:28
Reviewer: Terry R. A. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 14, 2008
Subject: Comments From Across the Web
In the 'Evidence of Revision' (it's over 8 hours long) there are dozens of first hand accounts, with high-ranking government officials, and government documents showing evidence of misrepresentation, lying, cover-up, and plotting to mislead the public and break a multitude of laws...some of which are treasonous. I've watched over 60 documentaries in the past 2 years dealing specifically with LBJ/JFK and the Vietnam War. I never recommend any of them to the public; because there is almost always an element of the fringe conspiracy nut position which I don't want to associate myself with or they say what anyone who is interested in the subject can easily find out.
While 'Evidence of Revision' is a meta-documentary incorporating parts of other documentaries (including The Men Who Killed Kennedy), it is good at giving a straight-forward presentation for the most part. I highly recommend seeing it regardless of what you think you know or have heard before on the LBJ tapes. I, too, have scoured the LBJ tapes (even to the point of making a list of everyone he was known to have called for the two months following the JFK assassination and doing background work on those people). Talk about nerdish...I don't even get paid to do it. Jules.
Fan-bloody-tastik! The simple presentation of footage, with minimum of extraneous comments, makes the entire piece more powerful. Misleading editing? I don't see it. Meanwhile, its ok with me if some people believe oswald was the lone assailant. I just hope that the freedom to believe, or not, per an individuals own evaluation, is still intact a hundred years from now. Until then, I will defend with my life if necessary, any one's right to believe Oswald did it. .
This is an excellent piece of work. It is the best documentary that I have ever seen.
It is unimaginable how much time it must have taken to, not only get all that material, but also to edit it in such a professional and excellent way.
To whom ever made this documentary: Thank you very much for all your efforts.

I have just watched all the other videos. I have to say this may well be the best documentary floating around Google Video (I have watched scores of them since the site launched) and this is by far the best material I have witnessed on the assassination of the Kennedy's. No opinions are offered by the silent narrator. One is left with only real videos from a real time that you won't see anywhere else. You are left to deal with your own bias on history and are forced to question your own intelligence. Exiquio

Happy to have stumbled upon this but oh my, where to start? Each instalment is over an hour, detailed study of events and interviews with players of the day. Mind blowing is an easy cover-all description, but that is essentially what this series does, shakes the foundations of what you thought you knew. Stick 'em on The History Channel and people would take to the streets - seriously jaw dropping material. Grahame

I have seen all 5 parts and can't recommend it enough. It is a must see. Josi

Another reason I finally bought a DVD player was to watch this series, the Mister and I watched the first one sitting in office chairs in front of a computer screen, not real comfortable. Everybody should watch this series, especially Part 5.

Best JFK film I've seen. A must for anyone who REALLY still thinks Oswald did it.

I saw this documentary and highly recommend it. Most of the time I just couldn't move my eyes from the screen, while allowing the terror of our current situation to sink in...the horror, the horror... Keit Shifter

I found this terrific series of videos in a very strange comment on Digg. It presents historical events in their original contexts as presented in the media of the time. Very creative and very unfiltered views of things, leaving you to make up your own mind in the end on most every point. Highly recommended.
I really enjoyed the whole thing. It did have some slow areas. All in all very worth watching though. I felt like it just kept getting better towards part3 with LBJ and all. Part 4 and 5 were awesome especially 5. I found the CIA/jonestown connections very interesting. The stuff about how Hoover was a blackmail artist/mafia lapdog and how the Kennedy brothers were blackmailed into putting LBJ on the ticket as vice was great. Part 5 is the best. It's worth watching for the mind control stuff alone.

Wow, this was amazing. A must see. GD

This past weekend, I have spent some long nights watching a lot of old television footage. Actually, it was all part of a documentary series called 'evidence of revision' which consisted of 5 parts and clocked in at 8 hours altogether. Apparently put together by Etymon Productions, there is literally no internet site containing information about them at all.

It is a chilling documentary. Had JFK not been assassinated, the war in Vietnam would have almost certainly not happened at all. Had RFK not been assassinated, he would have almost certainly become president. Just hearing the brothers speak saddens me greatly. I felt so helpless watching RFK speaking and knowing that he was going to be killed and there was nothing I could have ever done to stop it. I'm just going to suggest everyone watch it.

This had a unique emotional impact on me. It really is different when you immerse yourself in this hidden history, instead of reading snippets of it here and there. When the doc got to the RFK assassination, I was in tears. This assassination happened before I was born, so in a way it was the first time I lived through the event thanks to this movie (since so many clips are run long, and you get large chunks of real time in this film, it's different than most docs)

I'm still making my way through the series. It is slow going but very fascinating. I know only a little about this 'stuff' so I am learning lots. I like the way there is very little narration. It bothered me at first, but as you continue to watch you begin to come to your own conclusion about what has happened/is happening. For example: how the official story is put out, the way the media frames it and then hammers on it until it becomes 'the truth' and how even well meaning individuals are drawn into supporting and spreading this official truth.
I finished all five of Evidence of Revision this week. Lots to think about. Very well done.  Whoever made it didn't try to do too much. I wish they had covered Chapaquidic (which was a political "assassination" of Ted Kennedy, I think) and the crash and killing of JFK Jr. in the 1990s. 

The Bobby Kennedy stuff was great. For a while I couldn't figure out why the woman in a polka dot dress would be so dumb as to announce that they killed him. But then I thought that if they wanted to quietly kill the Kennedys and leave no fingerprints they could have. But they wanted to do it in such a way that people would KNOW who did it. It was a warning to anyone else in the power structure in other words. 

I agree with those who said that too much emphasis on Johnson being responsible. He wasn't big enough, he was just the hired killer of the higher ups, I think. But the filmmakers were using television footage and no TV show would tie it in with the Bush family or with the zionists, for that matter. Speaking of Zionists, what a two-for-one deal for them to mind-control Sirhan and get rid of RFK and demonize Palestinians at the same time!

One part that blew me away was the interrogation of that poor young woman who saw the woman with a polka dot dress.  What a great thing that that tape was preserved!  It was chilling in the extreme and very revealing. 

Watching all five together made it more clear to me why "they" saw the Kennedys as such a threat.  The Kennedys played the power game, just like any of the other crime families, but they did it in order to really reform the system. That was one of the things that infuriated the Johnsons and Nixons of the world.  They saw the Kennedys doing the same dirty deeds they did, but seeming to get away with it with their glamour intact and with an aura of true reformers, whereas the Nixons, Johnsons, Bush's just seemed sleazy. True psychopaths couldn't see the difference. 

I also learned tons on Jonestown. I couldn't figure out Jonestown at all when it happened, but unfortunately it is now all too clear. It was a test run for plans they have for all of us.

I watched this documentary recently and found it to be excellent.
The amount of rare archival footage unearthed is staggering.
I read 'Farewell America' at the same time and together they painted a vivid picture of the times.
Highly recommended!

We ordered it via QFG and received it a couple of weeks ago.  We have just now finished watching part III.   I notice that it is apparently made by "Etymon Productions," yet I find nothing about this on the net.  I don't think that this video presentation was put together by Victor or Lisa, so I wonder where they got it?  Most curious.
In any event, it is definitely a MUST SEE by everyone.  As was mentioned, the rare archival footage is stupendous.   You can literally SEE history being "rewritten" as you watch.  I would like to see it made available for free or nominal cost to everybody in the world!   
Anybody got any idea of the source/origin of it?
These films should be seen by as many people as possible.  To see the pathocracy in action is bonechilling.

These movies had the most mind blowing affect on me. They took from me the kind of, maybe, sort of and hypothetical thoughts I'd had and slapped me around with the facts. For me I've held onto allot of wishful thinking. The "oh it can't exactly be that bad" and things like that. This took quite a bit of my disbelief and mopped the floor with it. If you have allot of doubts about MKultra, what really happened to JFK, RFK etc.. this series of movies might be a one way ticket to seeing and living in reality. I can't express how much it moved me from thinking some things are still just 'conspiracy theories' to the idea that there is a conspiracy and it ain't some little thing.

History in high school was made so incredibly monotonous that it's been a real effort to change the programming and  stir up an interest. Anyway, I watched part one and two on Google yesterday and they aroused such a feeling of revulsion and sadness, that I just couldn't sleep; it's been on my mind constantly. The thought that kept going through my head is: "is this real? Am I really living in this world, among these depraved psychopathic lunatics, and what the hell is going to happen to us all?" The complete unreality - the denial - of my normal world view compared to what I was feeling now really struck home, and the horrifying realisation/confirmation that we are all living in some sort of bubble inside our own skulls and we just don't know it.

Denial is definitely the word. Political Ponerology should be re-read after this, just to get the full effect. I think somebody already mentioned it and I agree: watching this has been one of the most shocking experiences of my life. 

It will definitely awaken your emotions.

I've seen many documentaries over the years about these events but Evidence of Revision really puts together a plausable scenario of who and why. Alot of footage that I had not seen before. What was unsettling to me was how wide spread the cover up was. From the start evidence disappeared, people who were right there were not asked to testify, even the media seemed to change their story almost as if on command and bad things happened to many who had important information. 
But, eveyone should see it for themselves. Once you see the video though, you may never be able to watch the evening news again without feeling a creeping chill. Hopefully, everyone will make copies of these videos and share them with family and friends.  I can't think of a greater gift of truth to give anyone.  If everyone in the U.S. would watch them, some of them might begin to awaken.   
If each of you can get a minimum of five other people to watch, and get them to commit to getting 5 more each... we could create a butterfly effect.
Took a lot of time to download them all, and it was worth it, priceless as much as it is totally scary!

Evidence of Revision is a series of five videos, each about an hour and a half long that you can find on Google Video. I would highly recommend finding the time to watch it. Once you do - you'll be left with very little doubt as to who killed this man. More significant to the here and now - you'll realize that the completion of a Presidential Commission of inquiry does not mean that the public is in possession of the truth.
I'm searching for the music used in that incredible film, does anyone know who the author of the documentary is?

Excellent! Best new doc in years! Love the interview with Roger Craig, a true American hero! The newscasters saying it was a Mauser, awesome! Rob

I find it amazing that the comments on this most historic documentary are mostly about the MUSIC!! GET A GRIP people!!! This is an extremely signifigent and important documentary! Arguably the most informative series ever compiled about how corruption in OUR OWN government has manifested!! Who gives a #$&% about the music??? You must think your watching hollywood fiction!!

After 3 minutes of video I know why there are FIVE DVD's. Eff! get on with it already....

I am stunned..... I had to order this series because my Mom ( who was 16 at the time) had to live through all the B.S. and lies!

Wow! This video is EXCELLENT! If the internet was in existance back then the world would have been able to see that the killings were part of a vast conspiracy.

The best Documentary on the kennedy assasination. I am amazed how much new footage is here. Makes me wonder how much may be out there.

Understatedly brilliant! Makes The Godfather look like a kiddie show. Loved the sense of immediacy. Someone should do an analysis on Cronkite's body language.

All these videos would make an amazing history class put together. One emphasizes LBJ, the other Bush and Nixon. The picture it paints, man oh man, the Kennedy's were surrounded by vipers on all sides.

This video, and the other corresponding ones should be aired on national TV in the United States. Brian Gilmour 

I pity the people that will never see this compelling video. We need to promote this film. Fanatik-J 
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